Life Is Tough, But We Can Tackle Anything

Life can be hard! There’s no getting around that. But sometimes we make life harder than it needs to be. Join us this summer as we explore the book of Proverbs, which is full of good advice. Each week we will give you the tools and LIFE HACKS you need to win at life. Join us each week and uncover some common sense wisdom so you can live an uncommon life.

What’s more valuable than any amount of gold and silver? Find out what the wisest and wealthiest man to ever live says is more valuable than anything else and how you can have it!

According to the rhyme sticks and stones can hurt us but words never will. We all know that isn’t true. Our words are powerful and we need to use them wisely. Get some good advice from the Proverbs on the words you speak.

One of the most significant questions we can ask is, “Who is God and what is He like?” Listen as we journey together to unravel 5 key attributes of God as expressed in the Proverbs

Is it love or is it lust? In an increasingly sexualized culture, we often struggle with defining the two. Listen as we take a look at Proverbs together in order to understand how we are to express the former and battle the latter.

The GPS in your car or on your phone is great for navigating city streets but is there a GPS for navigating the twists and turns of life? Listen to find out.