At New Covenant, We Believe That
You Were Made On Purpose For A Purpose

We believe that you were made on purpose for a purpose. Our hope is to introduce you to God and the fullness of His goodness for you by helping you to discover and live out His unique purpose for your life – and we’re here to help!


Month of July

Life can be hard! There’s no getting around that. Join us this summer as we explore the book of Proverbs, which is full of good advice. Each week we will give you the tools and LIFE HACKS you need to win at life. Join us uncover common sense for an uncommon life.

NC Community Groups

A Community Group is a small gathering (between 6 to 12 people) that meets on a regular basis to ‘do life’ together. It is an effective way for everyone to feel personally connected to the church community and to learn and grow our faith in an intimate and supportive environment.


Lance & Una

“Potential is God’s gift to you. Realized potential is your gift to God.”


We celebrate God’s goodness together every Sunday at 10:30 am. Join us at 22 Holiday Dr., Brantford, Ontario (next to Home Depot). It is our mission and intention to make you and your family feel at home at New Covenant and we hope that your very first impression is a warm one. No matter where life finds you, you can expect to be welcomed home here as you experience inspiring worship celebrations and fun-filled kids’ experience. Plan your visit online. We would love to meet you!

Celebrate With Us

We celebrate God's goodness together every Sunday at 10:30 am. Join us then at 22 Holiday Drive, Brantford Ontario.